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Belmont Abbey College Men's & Women's Cross Country, Track and Field

Thank you for your interest in Belmont Abbey College and the Crusaders Track & Field, and Cross Country programs.  We will use this information to evaluate recruits and provide updates.  Our updates focus on program results, the recruiting process and the admissions process.


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Thank you for filling out our Recruit Questionnaire. If you are senior in high school please visit the Belmont Abbey College website to apply for admission.  Please email us when you have completed the application so we can flag your file with admissions to expedite the process and confirm your transcripts and test scores have been received. All recruits should visit the NCAA Eligibility Center to complete a profile, it will be necessary to confirm your eligibility.  These steps must all be completed in order to conduct an Official Visit.  If you are a Junior or younger we will continue to follow your performances and keep you updated on the development of our programs.